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Cashew 2 pieces (Indian)

Cashew 2 pieces (Indian)

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முந்திரி | జీడి | കശുവണ്ടി | काजू | ಗೋಡಂಬಿ | হিজলি বাদাম | کاجو | કાજુ | 腰果

About the product:
  • Cashew Joint Halves (JH) or Splits are used for a variety of recipes or even a direct snack
  • Connoisseurs regard Panruti variety of Cashews as very unique in their taste (like pudding)
  • Arrives in a hygienic ziplock stand-up pouch to retain their natural freshness, aroma and original nutrients. You just open, unzip, enjoy & zip it back until you re-order. Larger quantities come in 5kg food-safe HDPE bags
  • They appear in color shades of pale ivory or pale yellow.
  • The nuts are procured directly from home-growers of Cashews in Panruti (South India), processed in a hygienic plants & then packed. 
  • When consumed in moderate proportion, cashews help reduce blood diseases, improve heart health, boost metabolism and balance body weight. 
  • We also sell cashews of various grades (from w180 to w320) in whole, pieces & powder form. 
  • This is a vegetarian product

About Cashews:
If you were after a nutritious & delicious snack, cashews are your best choice!
Cashew nuts are not only unbelievably tasty, but they are also full of copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, and vitamin B6.
As it were, they can profit your general wellbeing!

You can use the our cashew products to make renowned receipes such as Kaju halwa, Kaju cake (or katli or burfi), Pongal and Kaju Curry.
Cashews are perfect solution for lactose intolerant people!

We pack cashew nuts fresh. In order to keep them fresh for as long as possible, we package in air-tight food safe pouches or containers and use high quality Oxygen Absorbers.
They do the work to extend the shelf life & prevents growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms, including molds. Even the very last cashew piece is going to be in an excellent condition!
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